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Bargehouse, London | 12th – 15th April 2018


We have carefully selected for you some of our favourite artists. Here you can find information of each artist who has shown at a Roy’s People Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.


Karha Nizharadze was born on 3 December 1970 in Batumi, a seaside town on the Black Sea coast, when Georgia was part of the USSR . Georgia, the country of the Golden Fleece and Medea, and the Caucasus, have strong traditions since the Middle Ages, enriched by the exchanges of the Silk Road and the centuries of multicultural coexistence. A country where the reception of the visitor is elevated to the rank of art. Home of the table, especially, where one wears toasts to the health of the guests declaimed in poems. Karha carries within himself this warmth and openness of mind, as well as a keen sense of friendship, an ethic of life almost. He grew up in a bilingual family because his parents are Georgian and his maternal grandmother from Siberia and healer.

Karha will also learn the first bases of French by her mother, Russian teacher and assiduous lecturer of French classics. The father, a physicist by training, passionate about photography and history, will transmit love for culture.

Understanding that their son has a special gift for drawing from childhood, they enroll him at the age of 9 at the School of Drawing for Children, a form of instruction that is specific to the former USSR, In parallel with the compulsory school course. Karha then went to the Haute Ecole des Beaux-Arts, at the age of 17, where he obtained the Diploma of Artistic Pedagogy which allowed him to teach drawing and painting, with particular attention to the mastery of color , The preparation of the bottom of the table and the mixtures.

After being selected for the entrance competition, which only accepts two students per volley, Karha pursues her art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, the country's capital and sprawling urban center, Georgian art, which is distinguished by its very specific chromatic palette in oil painting. The Academy of Tbilisi was renowned, together with that of Moscow, for its in-depth learning in all branches of art: painting, sculpture, architecture, restoration of Byzantine frescoes of church and old paintings, graphics, monumental art. This faculty are full-fledged professionals, with solid training and extensive knowledge. Karha will obtain, after five years, his Diploma of Fine Arts,

In a desire to discover new forms of artistic expression beyond his country which was in the middle of a civil war at the time of his departure, hungry for freedom, for modernity, Karha will leave Batumi in 1999 to live first in Paris, then In Metz, where he took part in several personal and collective exhibitions (in Lorraine and Luxembourg), while attending courses at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Metz to absorb European culture and have a network of artist friends.

He will soon be spotted in European art fairs and will enter several French and Swiss galleries who will present his painting and organize exhibitions: Galerie du Vieux Belfort, Adel Galerie in Ménherbes, Plexus Galerie in Montreux, Beyond Appearances In Annecy and more recently in Erasmus' Utopia Contrast Art Gallery in Bruges. In December 2013, the Museum of Fine Arts in Batumi will organize a national exhibition entirely devoted to its contemporary works. The museum asks for a number of paintings which, to this day, are close to those of the painters who have marked the history of Georgian art for two centuries. The television station Rustavi, invited to the opening, will film the exhibition and interview the artist. From 2010 to 2015, based in Brussels after four years spent in Geneva,

Following the meeting with his wife in 2006 and his move to Geneva the same year, Karha opened his current workshop where he also gives painting classes.