Roy's People Art Fair Supported By Art Republic

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Bargehouse, London | 12th – 15th April 2018


We have carefully selected for you some of our favourite artists. Here you can find information of each artist who has shown at a Roy’s People Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.


My art process involves research about the subject matter or sometimes it comes to me in dreams, flashes of light where the object is revealed to me like a vision or intuition. I explore the images, using sacred geometry, sketching, preparing my colors or patterns of mixing and then spend tireless hours bringing my creations to life. There are many layers of paint under which represents the brightness of the colors. I use my hands in successive layers. This process allows me to go beyond the rational mind.

I love art and breath and with each stroke I consider it a privilege and a moment of enlightenment!

Art forces me to explore the sacredness of all living things, the study of space composition, with mastery and art, nature, humanity, science, and from a different perspective beings and objects surrounding them, awakening the viewer and convey the beauty and uniqueness of a kind of child like space in me. It is wonderful and humbling that as a result of evolution have assemble atoms in size and able to meditate art and nature in my being.

For me, an art exhibition is my humble attempt to illuminate the human experience. So when I call your presence is nothing but commit your soul, mind and intellect. You are totally free to translate and interpret the experience. Together we can create art.