Roy's People Art Fair Supported By Art Republic

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Bargehouse, London | 12th – 15th April 2018


We have carefully selected for you some of our favourite artists. Here you can find information of each artist who has shown at a Roy’s People Art Fair including exhibitions, achievements and sample works.


Nadya Rego was born in the Chuvashiya. Her family immediately moved to Leningrad home of Nadya’s father. During the “Dashing 90s” the "Capital of Culture” was undergoing a drastic metamorphosis. Leningrad returned to its historic name of St. Petersburg. Surrounded by the beautiful heritage and artistic excellence and innovation of the city, Nadya decided to become an artist. In 1996 she finished her art school studies. She also attended lectures at St.Petersburg State Academy of Art & Industry. After graduating from St. Petersburg University in 2004, she successfully engaged in industrial design and interior design, all the while diligently perfecting her artistic talent. She continued to take master classes of classical art including learning right-hemispheric drawing. Many hours of experiments on the canvas later, Nadya invented her own original style of painting: Contemporary Surrealistic Impressionism.
In 2010 she opened "The Old Trench Gallery" on the 1st line of Vasilyevsky Island. The gallery featured the works of Nadya along with other talented Petersburg artists: Dmitry Kustanovich, Nadezhda Ilyina and many others.
In 2013, Nadya moved to Hawaii, where she lives and is engaged in creativity on a daily basis. She presents works in galleries and art shows around the world, including Hawaii, Russia, France and Japan.
Nadya’s painting style, Contemporary Surrealistic Impressionism, places an emphasis on silhouettes. Surfaces within the composition pass through the space, undulating in and out of existence, as if to emphasize their affiliation with the Universal Absolute. Inanimate objects and clothes within the composition, are often covered with a solid stationary flat color, emphasizing their material nature, balancing the composition and color by giving the eye a simple space in which to rest. The bold and dynamic strokes balance delicately with the flat shapes of the inanimate objects. The effect is a shimmering, sometimes vibrating, set of energetic marks, defining an ethereal subject that melts and re-emerges from the surroundings. Nadya is also well-versed in the language of symbols, and often uses and artistic metaphors to deepen the meaning of her paintings.